Sports & Remedial massage is gaining ground within the medical world, filling a much-needed gap. Working specifically on the soft tissues of the body - such as muscles, tendons and connective tissue - sports massage aims to restore the imbalance created in either a sporting environment or day-to-activities that manifest as the aches and pains we live with.

Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves, look at what happens when you cut yourself, if a cut did not heal you would question why. Our soft tissues have the same ability to heal, however in some instances this is prevented from happening.

Understanding why something is not "healing itself" is key to the type of treatment Peta offers. This may either be done with a postural assessment prior to starting a treatment, or through questioning and muscle tests while treating.

Peta works using deep tissue or myofascial release techniques, understanding the changes that have taken place in the tissues to cause the issue and applying the right technique to restore the area.

Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports massage is not about getting your elbow stuck in as hard as possible and causing as much pain as possible. Peta believes that deep and hard are two very different things, with only the deep offering any change in the tissues. If a technique is applied too hard, the tissue will reject the therapists fingers and no change will take place. The key to a sports and remedial massage is to effect a softening in the tissues and then to ensure any rehab exercises are effective in changing the structure of the body back to a more normal state.

Myofascial Release / Structural Integration

Our bodies are a massive interconnected network of connective tissue. Remove everything but the connective tissue and we would look like a giant loofah. This connective tissue gives our body its fundamental structure, however a pull in one area will affect the network in different location.

"It's the victims which cry out and not the criminals."

Myofascial release works this fundamental structure of our bodies, releasing tension that may be causing the ongoing issues our bodies are not able to resolve. It looks beyond the area which is painful (the victim), seeking out the area which is causing this imbalance (the criminals) and referred problem. This is the flip side of the coin - where a bone out of alignment is cracked or clunked back into place, myofascial work will release the structures around those bones to allow them to drop back in place with a sigh of relief.

Specific areas we treat

Peta treats all types of issues and works to your goals and requirements, to name a few:
- knee problems: ITB problems, runners knee, cyclist knee
- back problems: lower back, sciatica, post surgery (scar tissue manipulation)
- shoulders: preventing cortisone injections, rotator cuff, biceps issues
- neck: whiplash, tension headaches, computer shoulders
- other: blackberry thumb (it exists), muscle pulls and strains, ankle sprains and strains